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25 November 2009 @ 12:43 am
Dialing $$$ for $laughter  
So, My little freakshows, how have we all been? I Myself have been a very busy in terms of getting My real life in order. I've started looking for a new place to lay My head... I am moving house yet again, but this time it will be keeps for at least a year, so that's cool.

In My self-imposed 'hiatus' I suppose I could say that I've been chilling and dealing with some profitable ingrates, and some not so.... profitable. For a while I was feeling a little disinterested by the 'scene' as it does tend to have unbelievably dull and unimaginative moments.

I don't do dull.

If I've bothered making plans with you, and you are not owned by Me, chances are they most fruitless, I haven't got time for wanky promises. Come to think of it, I haven't drawn up a time scale AT ALL.

I suppose I am bothering to blog because a few worthwhile or respectful subs have been mentioning their grief at the loss of My daily meanderings, which is SWEET. I like talking, and I like listening to Myself talk, and you like listening to Me talk so we all get a good deal.

Plus, I like to think I've really interesting shit to say other than 'look wot my foot/tit/ass boi got me in da post' post.... really girls, fix that shit up. Not saying that I am well above posting brag blogs, but at the moment, the thought of editing/re-sizing endless amounts of photos to just prove to some of the well seasoned hags that I get what I say I get is boring. I don't give a fuck, so cheers.

Some reeeeal nice things are coming your way so be ready to have bulged up that wallet in terms of the goodies I have in store for you, because that's about the only thing I've ever like to see throbbing, THANKS.

In the time that I have been SEMI huntress mode, I've manged to achieve some super kuwait things in both My Vanilla and er... well, My Choco (bdsm) life. I've started going to the gym regularly again and just sliding back into healthy eating.... in that time, I've managed hectic school priorities, flat searching priorities and also managed to kick some butt when restoring My delicate relationship with My old alt model agent.

In terms of the kinky realm, some twit went mad on NF the other night, calling Me a total of 14 times, amassing a total of $850. Can you say Raise The Rate? No, well I can definately say Pissed Off Wife fo' sure. Women should never leave you idiots in charge of the money! The only thing you'd save in a burning house fire is your dick ! Sheesh.

Annnyways, I gotta shoot, some tart is currently awaiting a sissy ballet lesson online, and I've charged him a hell of a lot, to be his ballerina teacher, I must make sure to thwack him when he gets the plie wrong, which he will

*evil woman smirk*

Catch you dolts on the flipside, *snort*

Goddess Kuro
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