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10 December 2009 @ 05:18 pm
I bring you the aftermath of My 22nd birthday, about 4 days late. This should be an indication of all the fun I had ;)
So, of course... I was spoiled unbelivably, with My little ones pulling out all the stops to make Me smile and remember their names. On the Amazon gift front, I got over 2 grand in gift certifcates which is nice, but I am refusing to use it on My pulbic lists. Those lists are for you. There are to be cleaned out by you. I like watcing a huge amount grow in My account balance, only for it, to be untouched.... the sweet irony.

Then I met with Jaspy again (for the second time, ever) on the Sunday, and because it was an impromptu meeting (I kind of demanded he meet Me, lol) he was only able to bring £200 on short notice. So I dragged him to Primark (known as Primarni, to some, hehe), the nearest shop near his place of work and got to work Myself, lol. I blew the whole lot in under 45 minutes. Here are some of the stuff I got.

And there was also some boots, four skirts, three pairs of jeans, six bags (!) two pairs of heels and lots more jewellery and loads and loads of underwear :)

When we got to counter jaspy went all white when he saw the whole culimanted price, and started sweating like a pig. ''The whole thing, Madame?'' I just thumped him hard on his shoulder and said very loudly ''Is that a trick question, jaspy? Just pay for it, idiot.''

We then went to Pizza Express (for those who don't live in England, it's not a crumby diner, it's an upmarket pizzeria, and the prices are nothing short of ridiculousity), for a nice two course dinner, and I made him get up and massage My shoulders when I felt the need to push him out of his comfort zone. The thing is, little jaspy carrot would love to be brutally publically humiliated, but he feels the need to take baby step after baby step, so the last shreds of whatever diginity he has left don't altogether go POOOOF!

We were then going to go a film, but his wife called and said they had some wanky dinner party to go... after I had made him two bowls of pasta and half a pizza! Lol, I had a bowl of pasta, two slices of pizza (yummy yummy) and an untold amount of glasses of wine.

I went on to find some friends in town and partied the rest of My birthday with My friends. To say I didn't get a little merry would be an understatement. By the time I'd staggered back to My house and quickly checked My messages before going to sleep. Jaspy had wired Me another £400 and idiotboy had sent £700. See why it's so great being ME?

There were a few other gifts I got, but remembering your idiotic screenames is hard-going :) That, and some other subs who wish to be unamed for fear of harrassment.


Oh, I might as well mention it here, that I going to do a little experiement. I have about six pages of friend requests here and I hardly (never) accept random friend request because I don't like any of you. But, for a limited amount of time, I will accept your freind request shoudl you add Me, because for what will become clear soon enough, you may just benefit from it, in a better way than you could have ever had dreamt of.

Ciao for now,

Goddess Kuro xo

princessjayde on December 12th, 2009 06:15 am (UTC)
DAMN it I forgot to say happy birthday! Nice haul though, glad you had a good one. <3
Ebony_Enchantressmadame_kuro on December 17th, 2009 05:18 am (UTC)
Thank you :)