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Madame Kuro

English Findomme, Hypnodomme & Fetish Pinup. Your downfall just got pretty...

15 December 1987
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Soon, My little peons, soon.

"forced" extortion, abercrombie & fitch, adopted bills, alcohol, american eagle, anything that sparkles, ass worship, bank accounts, bdsm, begging, being pampered, being rich, black domina, black money domme, brainwashing, brat, cash, cash cow, cash raping, casting spells, chastity, consensual blackmail, control, credit cards, cuckholdry, cuckold, denial, discipline, domina, domme, dommes, drinking, ebony, erotic hypnosis, fame, fashion, feet, female hypnotist, femme fatale, fetish pinup, film noir, financial domination, financial slavery, fingernails, foot worship, forced intoxication, getting my nails done, getting my own way, gifts, goddess worship, gothic fetish, greed, greedy women, high heels, hollister, human atm, humiliation, hypno fetish, hypnosis, hypnosis fetish, hypnosis scripts, hypnotic domination, hypnotism, ignoring, jewelry, juicy couture, lifestyle domme, lingerie, losers, louis vuitton, love, lying, madame kuro, making fun of losers, manicures, manipulation, massages, mind control, mind fucks, mind games, money, money slavery, money slaves, moneyslave, moneyslavery, neiman marcus, online mistress, online slavery, orgasm control, orgasm denial, parties, pay pig, pedicures, piggies, pink, power, pretty, public humiliation, retards, rich losers, sex, shoes, shopping, sissies, sissy, slapping, small penis humiliation, smothering, social networking, spells, sugar babies, sugar daddies, summer, swimming, tease, tease and denial, television, tph, victoria's secret, wallet rape, wicca