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04 December 2009 @ 06:34 pm
That special day...  
The only thing you'll watch Me suck
I've tried to hold off blogging for a while for several reasons. One of the most frequent excuses I've been using (and I am sure you're all aware) is that I've just been busy and I can't be bothered.

But being the greedy soul I am did fly in to remind all those concerned that tommorow (UK time- 5th Dec) is My 22nd birthday. Yup. That's right, beautiful Goddess Kuro will be the grand old age of 22.

I failed to mention it before because I like to save the severe spoiling to those who are in regular contact with Me.... the minor scantily clad gift cards are left to the bozos who try their hardest to catch My attention. Ah well.

I've already began the party. Idiotboy and Jaspy are already competing with each other on who can send the most. McTwat has resurfaced from doing God knows what to someone's panties, in order to send Me some ASOS gift cards and also some Amazon UK ones as I've created Amazon gate... a plight on the subs that serve and who don't serve to make sure My gift card balance is heaving at a paltry £1000 by midnight of tommorow. We've started up good, nearing £350 so keep it up, toys, in both senses of the word. Ick.

Had a blast the other day, when Jaspy sent Me £200 to spend on My Mother who was ill, so I bought some lillies and they cheered Her up no end. I love it when My boys give to Me and really are interested in the things I put to use with their money, not just for their selfish gratification like boots or a pair of knickers I already own ten times over. It would so the rest of you well to know that serving Me isn't about you, it's frankly about Me.

I've received some messages over D&s about an address to send My purchased Amazon gifts to. Long story short, I don't have one anymore, certainly not at the moment. I had one but it was so far away, it got on My nerves, so I canceled the subscription to it. I plan on getting one soon. but of course these things are ludicrous in price so that's where you come in. I was researching on a nearer PO Box, but I am moving soon so I don't want to actually tie Myself down to something that will prove irritating to deal with afterwards.

But that certainly doesn't mean you're off the hook, simply send Me a gift card/certificate to the following address and surprise Me with the amount. No chicken change, but either way, big or small, I certainly get it all.

Give to Me what is most definitely MINE.

All gift e-certs can go to madamekurogifts@googlemail.com

Current Music: MF Doom-Super!